How much resin does it take to saturate fiberglass cloth?


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  • Steven Cleary 007

    I'm new to this, but I believe the reference here to 1708 weighing 17 oz/sq yd is incorrect.  17 is only 1 layer, biaxial has 2 layers, the other is 08oz, together they weigh 25oz/sq yd.  It may be the calculation for the amount of resin needed is correct, but I think that can only be calculated based on the density of the resin, ie how much does 1 gallon of the resin being used weigh?  If I'm not mistaken, the formula for 1708 wetout is 1.5 x weight of cloth=weight of resin (not volume of the resin) needed to saturate it (we can't use volume oz, we must use weight oz to calculate the resin needed, ie the math is not 128 oz per gallon).  Each resin will have a weight per gallon based on the density of the material.  If we use the TB spec for 5:1 epoxy, 6.4 sq yds 1708 per gallon of resin, that is 6.4x25oz=160oz of fabric weight, or 10lbs/gallon, which tells us 1 gallon mixed must weigh 15lbs.  Can you clarify the above reference to 1708 and the amount of resin (which resin) to wet it out properly?


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